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We are the leading manufacturer of the best golf buggy batteries in both the United States and Canada.
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Our aim is to provide our customers with the most powerful, reliable, and top-tier lithium golf buggy batteries available in the industry. You have the option to make a purchase directly from our company's website or through our network of authorized dealers specializing in golf buggy batteries. Bolt Energy USA operates as a manufacturer, wholesaler, and retailer for lithium ion golf buggy batteries in North America. We never compromise on quality. Regardless of the specific product you choose, you can trust that our lithium golf buggy batteries are of the highest caliber.

Our support team is accessible Monday through Friday, from 9 AM to 6 PM (Eastern Standard Time), and we're always prepared to address any inquiries or issues you may have about our high-performance lithium golf buggy batteries.

Our Signature Lithium Golf Buggy Batteries

With so many golf buggy brands being used, our company is proud of the fact that we have manufactured the best golf buggy batteries and are compatible with most golf buggy brands such as Club Car DS, Club Car Precedent, EZGO TXT, Bintelli, Advanced EV, Elite, ICON, Coleman, Bad Boy Buggy, Kandi, EPIC, Evolution, Titan, Madjax X-series, Navitas Storm, Vivid, Yamaha, Tomberline, Trojan EV, etc… Our lithium golf buggy batteries are also compatible with many electric EV vehicles. Contact our company for more information.



LFP BATTERY - Bolt energy 51.2V 105AH LEAD-ACID BATTERY (48V 175AH)
Steady performance
Decreasing performance
10+ years
Life Time
1-2 years
3000 times
Cycle life
<500 times
Regular water filling, maintenance, and checks
Quick charge up to 1.5 hours
Standard charge 5 hours

Charging time
12 hours
No memory, charge anytime
Charging frequency
Charge everyday after using
100.8lbs (45.7kg) / golf cart
397lbs (180kg) / golf cart
No pollution
Eco friendly
Lead is harmful
Multiple built-in protection
Gas inside may cause explosion


Hear why we have the best golf buggy batteries in the industry!

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The Best Golf Buggy Batteries in North America

Bolt Energy USA is a manufacturer of the best golf buggy batteries that are compatible with popular golf cart brands such as Coleman, Madjax X-series, Elite, EPIC, Bintelli, Titan, Club Car DS, Club Car Precedent, Kandi, Vivid, Bad Boy Buggy, Trojan EV, EZGO TXT, Advanced EV, ICON, Evolution, Navitas Storm, Yamaha, Tomberline, etc…
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